Who We Are

I’m Kyle Parker, managing director of Loudspeaker Media, Inc. and advertising director for Spreadz Monthly in San Jose, Costa Rica. With more than four years of trial and error from painstaking research, I’m now acknowledged as a promising top expert in the field of sportsbook/casino marketing.

Today, I consult with clients on how to get customers and build their businesses — in a competitive industry, during economic slumps, downswings or even full-scale recessions. After watching the explosive growth of the sportsbook industry business, my colleagues and I put all of our marketing know-how and experience into one complete and practical marketing company.

Loudspeaker Media is the most unique and cutting-edge advertising company of its kind. Want proof? Okay … just take a “sneak-peek” at what we have to offer. You’ll discover how to: Improve your website traffic. Increase registrations. Burn your brand name into your prospects’ minds. Cut customer attrition rates in half. Slash your costs. Flood your business with more leads and customers than you’ll know what to do with!

Loudspeaker Media can bring big profits to your business … fast! No matter how big your sportsbook is, you are about to take a giant leap forward in the way you think about marketing … because at this moment, you are just one campaign away from generating new business. All you need is the right promotion, mailed to the right audience, crafted with the right offer. It’s that easy. So stop playing “pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey” with your advertising dollars and find out how Loudspeaker Media can help you. Use Loudspeaker Media to promote your sportsbook. We will bring you the most qualified prospects, at the lowest cost possible.