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Search Engine Optimization

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Preparing your Website for Search Engine Submission 

In order to generate traffic for your website you need to advertise your website, and the best way to advertise on the internet is to be included in the web’s many search engines. When done properly, search engine submission can be the only promotion your website ever needs.

Before submitting your site to the search engines, your site needs to be search engine friendly. If it is not, you will achieve a low ranking and very little, if any, traffic. To be search engine friendly, your site needs more than a visually pleasing presentation and informative content. In fact, much of what makes a web page appealing to its viewers can actually confuse a search engine. Search engines are not able to view inside frames very well, they cannot see images, they cannot view flash movies, they cannot hear sounds, etc.

When a website is submitted to a search engine for inclusion into their index, a long process begins. Search engines use a robotic program called a ‘spider’ to analyze your website. This spider enters your website through the page URL that was submitted. It then searches that page for content, links to other pages on your website, and links to pages outside your website. In this manner it finds and analyzes the data on all pages from your site and locates other websites. Finally, your site is included in the search engine’s index when the search engine updates its database. This entire process can take 12 weeks or more!! When your site is included, the search engine will send its spider periodically to see if the website has grown, is still active, and if anything has changed.

We-Submit your Website Monthly ?

• Re-submit your site to ensure you remain listed.
Every day new directories come into existence and others disappear. We try to keep up with all of these changes.
Directories and search engines that accept your submission may require from one day to eight weeks or more to add your listing to their directory.
We’ve grouped the directories and search engines into 28 different categories.
About 10 directories and search engines charge for listings.
Not all directories and search engines are relevant for all Web sites. For example, some are only for non-US Web sites.

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