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E-Books Marketing

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At Loud Speaker Media, we are the leader in E -Mail marketing. We offer proven results.

E-mail marketing is a fast and cheap way to reach your target market for less than the cost of the postage stamp you’d be putting on each letter. It will drive qualified prospects to your site and jumpstart your registrations.

Our opt-in permission-based email is the better, faster, and more effective way to market your business. Opt-in means customers have given their consent and request to receive information about products and services from companies like yours. Not only does this qualify prospects, it makes them more receptive to your offer.

By targeting those most likely to join, this process produces highly targeted prospects that result in an extremely high return on your investment and costs substantially less than traditional direct marketing.

You can choose from one of the following e-mail options:

Sent to over 500,000 Opt-in Sports bettors and Casino gamblers
Rent our list of customers, and we will send your own, personalized email with your latest offer to this highly targeted list.
*Ask for a discount on multiple e-mailings
( We can also have our graphics dept. design your e-mail for you if you like)

Sent to over 10,000 Opt-in Sports bettors DAILY
We send top sports news, yesterday’s finals and boxscores, sports rotations, FREE PICKS and opening lines — to your future customers every day!

Fact: Over 50% of consumers will be communicating via email by 2001 according to Forrester Research. eMarketer reports that by year-end 2001, there will be 111 million email users. Fact: Email volume has already eclipsed postal mail.

Instant Results. Minutes after sending out your email campaign you can start seeing responses and orders.
Low cost. No printing, no postage, no mail house charges. Email is nearly free to send out!

Testing on the go. How fast do you want to see results? Instead of waiting weeks for responses and test results – you’ll have them in hours. Now, you can make smarter decisions sooner.

Quick to create. You could whip out an email in just an hour or two as opposed to weeks in the “offline” world.

High response rates. It’s not unusual for email campaigns to get 5%, 10%, 15%, even 50% response rates. Something that’s almost unheard of in direct mail.

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