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Banner & Pop Ups

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Loudspeaker Media is a leader in the gaming industry. We have been producing contests, promotional campaigns, sweepstakes, giveaways, advertising campaigns and high profile events and have been effectively promoting gaming companies online

The network is a group of hand picked web sites of superior quality and visibility coupled with the greatest creative sponsorship options available today. Our network of high traffic web sites. We realize that helping you increase your online visibility today means more than simply placing ad banners on popular sites. We work with you to advertise on sites strategically targeted to your audience.

What we offer:

·Strategic Ad Banners
We pinpoint a company’s target audience and clarify the company’s advertising objectives; we target the web sites within our network that will deliver the most exposure.

·Contests & Promotions 
The Premium Network is an industry leader promoting products and services at every level of the distribution channel, from distributors to retailers to consumers. We use ticket give-aways, trips, and marketing tie-ins with sports superstars and entertainment figures to guarantee unforgettable product launches and promotional campaigns.

·Content Integration and Rich Media
We place rich media content and graphic elements, such as a logo or product image, into targeted Premium Network web sites. These graphics can be linked to a company web site or linked to a special promotional site via buttons, ad banners and text links

*POP-ups & Exit Traffic
Enables your site receive traffic from other sites who share the same interests as your website. There is no limit to the targeted traffic that you can receive through this type of marketing! We also offer premium services for large network sites.

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