Pay per click search engines, pay for placement or pay for ranking search engines are a highly effective way to attract cheap, targeted traffic to your website.

Drive targeted, high quality traffic to your web site. Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine marketing is an effective way to drive qualified customer traffic to your web site at a reasonable cost.
By optimizing the use of PPC search engines, we’re able to effectively promote your web site with a maximize return on investment. You only pay when someone “clicks” to go to your site. Through keyword optimization, competitive analysis, gap bidding and other techniques we can develop a successful Pay Per Click strategy for you.

Keyword Analysis: We work with you to select the key words and phrases that are relevant to your site’s content, products and services. Keyword analysis is a continuous process as we obtain a greater understanding of which words and phrase are proving most effective. We’ll enhance and expand the use of the “performers” while dropping the ones that are not, while always looking for the extra edge.

Competitive Analysis: We’ll study your competition’s listings to ascertain the words they are bidding on and their position in the search results.

Strategic bidding: Based upon the keyword and competitive analysis we will formulate a strategy for placing bids. Our goal is to get you the highest, most cost effective placement. As an example, say the number one result for the phrase is at a bid price of fifty cents and number two is at 10. Our strategy would be to bid 11 cents. You’ll show up in the number 2, your targeted traffic will zoom, and it’s been accomplished at a far lower cost than if you were to bid for the number 1 position.

Monitoring and Gap Bidding: Once the bids are initially placed, our work is just getting started. We’ll be actively monitoring to maintain or increase your positioning and ROI. We review your bids on a daily basis and make adjustments based on factors such as desired position, bid gaps, and budget.

Bid gaps occur when the listing(s) just under yours has dropped out from time you made your last bid. Let’s say you’ve obtained a number 1 ranking with a bid of 70 cents over the competitions 69 cents. A few days later the number 2 listing drops to 30 cents. That 40 cent spread between your current bid and the new number 2 is the bid gap. Gap Bidding is making the appropriate bid adjustments to close those gaps and protect you from overpaying for your keyword bids. 40 cents a click may not sound like a lot but it starts to add up if you’re overpaying 40 cents for hundreds or even thousands of clicks.

Multiple Search Engine Coverage: In addition to Overture, we can manage your PPC marketing with the other major PPC search engines.